Saturday, April 30, 2011

No More Showers!

Hello Minna-san!! So today is the last day of April! This month went by so fast. Actually this year went by so fast. This upcoming week is finals week, which means I've already had my last day of classes and will be free after this Friday (but only for a week since I'm working over the summer)! Hopefully I'll be able to pull off my presentations this week and end up with some good grades. I suck as presenting things and giving speeches and stuff, so we'll see. Hopefully they won't bring my grade down TOO much if I completely bomb. ~_~

Well, I don't have too much to update on since the last post. The new Skip Beat! chapter hasn't come out yet, so that regularity is missing. T_T That makes me kind of sad. Also, there isn't too much to fangirl about. Nothing REALLY exciting has happened lately. Well, at least nothing that has gotten me really excited. I can't wait for 5 jib though. Oh, I did finally get Perfection in the mail. It took forever to come, but I guess that's expected when something is shipped from the other side of the globe! XD I ended up getting Sungmin's photocard. I'm still debating on possibly putting it up for trade on some of the forums I'm a member of. Sungmin's not my favorite, but who do I want to trade it for?? I'm still trying to decide between Eunhyuk and Donghae. I wouldn't mind getting Ryeowook, Henry or Zhoumi either. Too bad there are no Leeteuk cards. ~_~ Oh well, if you want to help me decide, just leave a comment. Well, I guess I could make a poll, but that's too much work. ~_~

Well, tomorrow I'm celebrating Easter with my family, so I'll most likely have stuff to update next week. Also, the Skip Beat! chapter comes out in 5 days! That means I have like a week (give ample time for subbers because my Japanese isn't that great & kanji KILLS me X_X)!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I can't wait!! It's such a good series. If you haven't read it, but have read most of my blogs, I'm sorry that I've shared a lot of spoilers, but I just get so excited I can't help it! XD But, if anyone is looking for a new manga to pick up, I highly reccommend Skip Beat! As you most likely already know, it's my favorite!! XD

Let's see, I'm not sure what else I have to share. Oh, I kind of hit a stop in the Rogue Angel series. I read up to book 7, but thanks to my Mom just buying random ones for Christmas, the next book I have in the series is number 12. LOL! Well, so I finished reading Anne Stuart's Ice Series. I don't know if it's complete, but I'm all caught up now. So basically, since last Sunday, I've read six books and am on my seventh. The book I'm currently reading is Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn. It's the first in it's trilogy, and Travis and Derek really loved the series. I don't know why I didn't start it earlier! It's so freaking good! It's longer than the books I've been reading lately (like 500 page books to a 900-1000 page book), but I don't really mind. It's really good. If you are into fantasy, or honestly, good novels, definitely check it out. Here's the link to the books on Brandon Sanderson's site, so check it out! I highly reccommend it! And you can find them pretty cheap on amazon (like almost every other book out there)! XD

Oh, actually, I just remembered something exciting in ELFdom!! Super Junior is releasing a Japanese version of Miinah (BONAMANA)!! I'm super psyched, but it'll be weird hearing it in Japanese. Like how I love My All Is In You, but they released a Chinese version on Perfection. It just sounds odd to me, and the crazy person in me tries to sing the Korean words to the Chinese version, but I end up just screwing around and just humming the melody. Well, anyways, it's being released June 8th (the day after my birthday) so that's pretty exciting. I'm just sad I won't in be in Japan for the release and if I buy it have to worry about shipping. Wait, it's around my birthday so maybe I can get someone else to buy it for me! Hmmmmm!! XD We'll see!!

Well, I think that's all for now (for real this time)!! As usual, I leave you with a customary gif! I give you Shindong!! XD

Ja ne~

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Skip Beat! Madness!!

Hello again everybody!! So today's post is going to be a shorter one due to the fact my last post was only a couple of days ago, but I've ready the new chapter of Skip Beat! and am soooooooooooo freaking excited for the next chapter and for the new arc to get into the meaty parts! First off, can I just say how excited I was that Lory (LME's president) was in over half of the chapter!! I wish he was around more! I love him so much. I would love to work for someone like that. What's great is that he's still on his Egypt kick, so he's still dressed up as a pharaoh. But, I should focus on the story for you guys instead of just fangirlling!! XD So we see Ren meeting with Lory and discussing what happened at the final episode of Dark Moon's party. It's during that conversation that Lory reveals he was in the statue Kyoko was pounding against in fear (see previous blog post for more explanation & a picture). But anywho, they are discussing the plans for the Heel Siblings. Lory pretty much reveals (more straight forwardly than before) that he's trying to match Kyoko and Ren. Lory and Ren's conversation took up the bulk of the chapter, but there were a couple side things as well. Kyoko is at the variety show with the band (I can't remember their name for the life of me), where she dresses up like a chicken, and they are all still amazed at how good Kyoko looked at the party. We also find out that Ren has changed his hair color, but he has a special wig that looked at his old hair for when he's not working as Cain Heel. The end of the chapter leaves us with the explanation that Ren has chosen Kyoko over his past and is going to try his best to move on! The next chapter comes out May 2nd, so I'll have to put aside my Skip Beat fangirlling until then!

Lory in "Egypt mode!"

This weekend is Easter!! Happy Easter to everyone! I hope you have a good time searching for eggs, going to church, or whatever it is that you do on Easter!! As per most holidays with my family, we aren't celebrating Easter until next weekend. Now that my siblings and I are older, now we just pretty much have an Easter ham and then get chocolate bunnies or something like that. My Mom bought Egg dye yesterday though, so maybe we'll decorate eggs this year! I've already decorated some (see previous post), but I wouldn't be averse to making more! XD

Well, I think that's it! Sorry for the short update, but I just was so excited for the latest chapter that I wanted to share and rant (and fangirl)! As always, I leave you with a gif! This time we have Super Junior's Evil Magnae playing Starcraft in the dressing room!!

Ja ne~~

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Slacker Can't Slack Anymore

Hisashiburi my dear readers!! (It mean's "It's been a while") So I completely fail at updating...again. Anywho, I'll just jump right into what's been happening since my last post. (I believe it was Autism Awareness Day, so at the beginning of the month. FAIL stamp for me.)

Picture of Arashi because it popped up in the Google search when I typed in "hisashiburi" LOL

So, as always, the new chapter of Skip Beat! came out on on the fifth or sometime around there! It was a good chapter! We pick up after the final episode of Dark Moon's party. I'm thinking it's the morning after. Kyoko has made the news! She ended up doing her interview with Ren, but since it was her first drama she was a little awkward and strange (as usual)! She apologizes to some of her fellow cast-mates, but what she doesn't realize is that many people are commenting on the fact that her and Ren "looked good together" during the interview. We also see Sho's manager trying to keep him from seeing the news about Kyoko. We also find out that he's done a CF with a tiger named Miyuki and he apparently smelled like her at one point. But aside from that little side story, Kyoko reaches the studio where she dresses up like a chicken. Before getting into costume though, she greets the chicken head (LOL) and starts talking to it. There's a flashback, and we learn that Ren has let slip another clue that he hasn't always been in Japan because he does something that's "American" and comments on how Kyoko is truly Japanese. As always it confuses her. Then, Ren asks (out of the blue) "Should to you what I want?" In typical Kyoko fashion, she comepletly freaks out. Ren says that he was kidding and to calm down. Of course, now Kyoko is having issues trying to figure out her feelings towards Ren. She feels somewhat hurt that he was just kidding and actually doesn't see her that way, but at the same time she felt disappointed and denies it. While trying to sort her complicated feelings, Lory calls (I've missed him) and tells Kyoko that he's leaving things in her hands. The chapter ends with the words "At long last, this will be the true start of the Heel siblings." UWAH! I can't wait for the next chapter, which came out yesterday!! I just need to wait a day or so more for translations!! So, expect another post within the next couple of days for more Skip Beat! rantings!!

One of the frames where Kyoko freaks out; she's clutching onto an Egyptian style statue.

Okay, so time to move on! Well, Easter is this weekend! A couple weeks ago Billy & Curtis came over! I made grilled cheese and soup for dinner and we watched "What's Up Doc?" and decorated eggs!! It was a lot of fun, especially since I haven't decorated eggs in a few years. I'm just sad I don't have any kids or younger people around me to hide the eggs for. Oh well! I felt rusty though when we were decorating because I didn't really know what colors or decorations I wanted to do. But, I did make two Super Junior & E.L.F. eggs. The both had "E.L.F." on them, but on the other side one said "Su Ju" while the other had "Prom15e 2 Bel13ve." I know, I know, but they turned out nice. They just ended up turning different colors because I forgot about one it soaked a lot longer. I also did a smiley face, a couple just colored ones, and one with squigglies all over it. They are actually still in my fridge. I should probably eat them soon so they don't go bad, but at the same time I don't want to.

Last weekend we towed my car back home to Milliken (I live in Greeley for those that don't know). Honestly, I hope I don't have to do that again for the next couple of years. Afterwards my shoulders and arms were soooooo sore. I have a newly found respect for power steering. Now I've come to a point in my car where I need to make a decision. Should I trade it in or scrap it and get a new car (not necessarily new as in not used, but new to me) or fix it. We're pretty sure the starter went out, so my Mom and I are trying to figure out if we can fix it ourselves. At the same time, my transmission is starting to go bad, but then again the mechanic that told me that still never fixed my car because look at it now. (What a waste of almost $400!) So, if anybody has any ideas or advice or anything, please leave a comment!

Well, I honestly can't remember what else I was going to update about. There was a small checklist I had formed in my head, but I didn't write it down. That's why I always write my lists down, I can remember them easier and have them as references. Oh my final ranting is going to be about my apartment! I have a little more than a month left before my lease runs out. I've been looking at apartments closer to campus so I can save money by walking. Well, that and the decision about my car is still up in the air. But anyways, there are a few good apartments around, I just have to try to find a good one that I really like! Hopefully I'll be able to go to a couple showings here within the next week and come to a decision. As always, time is running out.

I leave you all with the customary GIF! This week's GIF is of Ryeowook messing around (while Shindong's talking on air) at Sukira during Bonamana promotions last year! Enjoy the rest of April!

Ja Ne~~

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Autism Awareness Day

Woo! So my first post in April!! Well, since I posted just a couple of days ago, I only have a couple updates to hash through before we talk about Autism Awareness Day!!

So the other day when I was working, the fire alarm went off in Kepner (the business college). Low and behold, the Coffee Corner in the basement had badly burned a bagel. It was odd, but I'm glad it was nothing serious. Remembering from all the fire drills I've gone through in my life, you get away from the building. People were sitting on the steps and standing feet in front of the doors. STUPID PEOPLE! If it was a really fire, you would all be eaten in the flames and smoke! STUPID PEOPLE! Well, I guess what really irked me was the few people watching me and I could tell they were wondering why I was standing so far away. *sigh* Well, since the lab I work in is across from the Coffee Cart, I got to finish my shift with the smell of burnt Asiago Cheese Bagel. It actually made me a little hungry because that's the bagel I usually get. But what I found really odd, is after the alarm. As per the rules, I shut the computer lab door and turned off the lights once everyone had evacuated the lab. When I got back to it, two people were sitting in there with all the smoke and left the lights off. I don't know how they got in there in the first place. They weren't even two of the people that were in the lab when the alarm went off. STUPID PEOPLE! The lab was technically closed at that point. They shouldn't have gone in there. *sigh*

Anyways, to get off my rant of stupid people, yesterday was April Fool's day. I wasn't the instigator or receiver of any tom foolery or pranks. Honestly, I don't even really care. There was a time two years ago (last year I was in Japan and completely oblivious to the day) when someone hid a cell phone in the roof tiles and called it repeatedly during class. That was pretty funny! At least it was one of the more chill professors so he just laughed along with us once he figured out it was in the ceiling. LOL!

Alright, but anyway, the main reason why I'm posting today is because April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day! My friend Derek has a character that's very dear and near to his heart that myself and others have come to care for. His name is Kogo! Kogo has Autism and April 2nd is his birthday! So in celebration of Kogo's Birthday and Autism Awareness Day, I would like to share 10 facts about Autism and the people it affects! Before getting to the facts though, I would like to mention one more thing. For those of you who watch or are aware of the hit US TV show "The Amazing Race," this season has a team known as Zev and Justin. Zev is afflicted with Asperger's Syndrome, which is an autism disorder. They are both doing really well and still in the race! (As a side note, this season is a return of teams from previous season's, so they have raced before but didn't end up winning the $1 million.) If you're interested in watching the race or learning more about Zev and his friend/teammate, check out The Amazing Race website! Now, onto the facts!

Derek dress as Kogo's Kingdom Hearts persona Goxko with plushie Goxko at NDK 2009.

10 Facts About Autism & The People it Affects

1. Dogs have been shown to improve autistic children’s quality of life, independence, and safety. The presence of a trained dog can reduce aggressive behavior, calm the child, and serve as a link to the child’s community. 

2. Autism affects one in every 150 children born in the United States. It affects one in every 110 children born worldwide.

3. There is no blood test, no scan, and no image that can detect autism. Diagnosis relies on behavioral observation and screening.

4. Autism is more common than childhood cancer, diabetes, and AIDS combined.

5. From the Greek autos meaning “self,” autism literally means “alone.

6. Many children with autism have a reduced sensitivity to pain but may be extra sensitive to sound, touch, or other sensory stimulation—which may contribute to a reluctance to being cuddled or hugged.

7. Approximately 67 million people worldwide are affected by autism.

8. If one identical twin is diagnosed with autism, the other twin has about 90% chance of develop an autistic disorder.
9. The rate of autism is growing at 14% per year around the world. In China it is growing at a rate of 20% a year.

10. As early as infancy, a baby can begin to show the three hallmark features of autism: communication challenges, impaired social interactions, and repetitive behavior.

If you would like to know more about Autism, check out the Autism Speaks website! As always I'll leave you with a customary gif!

Yesung dances for Autism!!

Ja ne~