Sunday, April 4, 2010

On Hold and Tiny Update

So I am currently studying abroad in Japan. This blog will be put on hold and I'll be posting mainly in my travel blog. (Click "travel blog" to go to it!) I did have the start of a new blog written from a couple weeks ago, so I'll upload it!! XD

From March 21, 2010:

So I haven’t updated in a while (again), but that’s because I will leave for Japan in less than three days. I am writing this at my dad’s house, so I’ll be posting in the next couple days before I leave. Just a warning if you care about things like my days being correct to when I post this.
Anyway, to start my Dad’s birthday was yesterday (the 20th). He was driving back from California all day so we didn’t get a chance to celebrate. Hopefully we will a little tonight when he gets home (which is projected to be around dinner time)!! I have called you and made your card and given it to you with your present, but I just want to say again:
Happy Birthday Daddy! I love you sooooo much!
Moving on, since it’s already been mentioned, I am heading to Japan here in the next couple of days. I probably won’t update this blog for a while. I’ll probably just focus on the one I have specifically for Japan and my travels. As for previous updates, I usually update when I read the new Skip Beat! Chapter. Unfortunately, I’m probably a few chapters behind now (I’ve been up at my dad’s house for about a week so my emails are probably full and I probably have a lot of messages and things to catch up on), so when I do get caught I might post an update on this blog, or I might just wait until I come back and then post a huge update entry about Skip Beat!. We’ll just have to wait and see how busy I am in Japan. I also am planning on taking videos and uploading them.
Yeah so if you want me to add you to my email list and such which will have special information, then drop me a message or email with your contact info!! I'll try to post links to my youtube, twitter, and other things on the other blog!! XD
Thanks for reading as always (Oh and sorry for no pictures on this one!)

Ja ne~