Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lateness...Once Again

So once again, I fail at blogging at regular intervals. I thought I had posted earlier this month (before the latest Skip Beat! chapter was released), but there is no such thing. ~_~ So, to all my readers, Sumimasen. _| ̄|○

Well, since I just mentioned it, I'll update about the latest chapter of Skip Beat! We are up to 175! This chapter is the start of the Heel's siblings actual roles. For the first part of the chapter, the readers where given an explanation about the film that Ren (a.k.a. Cain Heel) will be recording. It's a really gritty movie about a serial killer. There are rumors going around that Cain was casted by the director specially for the role of the murderer, and we see his first appearance on set. He completely freaks everyone on set out, and one of his costars starts to get curious and competitive towards Cain. Also, this new character is attracted to Kyoko (a.k.a. Cain's Sister {forgive me, I can't remember her name for the life of me}). We also find out that he used to be a leader of a gang, so it seems like things might  possibly get a little physical in the next few chapters. Another interesting thing is that Kyoko was whispering to Ren in English, so everyone on set is also now under the impression that even though Cain is of Japanese descent, he actually doesn't understand Japanese. I'm excited for the next chapter and to see where this arc will take us! A sad note about the next chapter though, it doesn't come out until June 20th. When I first read this chapter, I was disappointed that I would have to wait almost two months (compared to the usual one month), but as of my late updating, it's now down to one month!

The Director is "blue-in-the-face" after meeting Cain Heel for the first time!

Okay, in other news, the semester has officially ended. I'm still fighting with Financial Aid to get last semester paid, so that's frustrating. Actually, the frustrating fact is that I keep having to deal with the student employees, who don't know everything, or even enough to help figure things out the right way. UGH! But anyways, summer school has started. Since I haven't paid my bill for last semester (thanks to Financial Aid), I haven't been able to sign up for Summer classes. Right now, I don't mind just working. Hopefully I'll be able to figure things out before the second session though and at least take one class. We'll see what happens.

Good for stress and frustration!

Well, other things to update on, ummm, well last week my Mom went out of town so I watched the house and animals for her. It was really nice. I got to spend time with my cat, the other two cats, and our dogs. Although I honestly must say, our dog Nikki is so freaking annoying. There were many times where I quickly found myself getting really frustrated and yelling at her to shut up. She has the really high pitched bark, so eventually it gives you a headache, which in turns goes through more pain because she keeps barking. But anyways, I think I watched enough TV to make up for the past year with cable/satellite service. Honestly, I don't follow that many TV shows (especially when compared to my Mom), but it was kind of nice just being able to relax and not have to really worry about anything. At the same time though, I got bored really quickly. I ended up playing the dogs and cats a lot, so I'm sure they're pretty lonely now that I'm back in my apartment.

My cat was on my lap a lot when I was house/pet sitting! XD

Some other exciting things that have happened so far this month are the packages I've gotten! Not only did I finally get Super Junior - M's Repackaged Perfection (with poster), but I also got Lego Pirates of the Caribbean! Plus, because I pre-ordered it, I got a bonus Lego Jack Sparrow. He's really cute and I put him on my entertainment center with my other small figurines. I've played the first three movies completely through already, and have gotten halfway through the fourth movie. I've gotten the basic storyline, but it's odd playing it when the movie hasn't even been released to theaters yet. ~_~ But anyways, it's really fun. The only Lego game I haven't played is the Harry Potter one. I actually don't even own it, but I think it's on my Amazon wish list. I'm not as excited for it though since I was a huge fan of Harry Potter. Yeah, the book series was good, but I'm not really a fangirl. I actually haven't even read the last book (it's in my pile of books to read) and haven't seen any of the movies past the fourth. I think I'm just going to wait until the last movie comes out on DVD, and then netflix them or something and just marathon them. I own the first three, but I'm not sure if I'll add the rest to my wish list or not. It would be nice to complete the collection I guess, but they aren't the first movies I would buy if I had money. Oh well. We'll see what happens.

My Lego Jack Sparrow! XD

Well, that's all I can really think of right now. There isn't really much fangirling in this one, so sorry for my readers who read for that purpose, but I'll save some of that for the next post (in case I don't have that much to talk about). For one thing, I'll be posting my thoughts on Joo and Leeteuk's new digital single "Ice Cream." (A little preview! XDhoodie was soaked. Actually, I didn't really mind at all. I guess I'm just weird like that. What disappointed me about it was not being able to read my book the ten to fifteen minutes I have to wait for the bus.

My hoodie once I made it home!

Well, I'll most likely update next week! My sister is graduating from High School tomorrow and we're having a BBQ up at my Dad's house on Saturday, so I'm sure there'll be at least one story to tell next week! Until then my dear readers! As always, the customary gif! This time I bring you our Dancing Machine Jewel Guy, Eunhyukkie!! (P.S. I had fun going through my Eunhyuk gifs! XD)

Bahahahahahahahahahahaha! XD

Ja ne~