Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Get these Mother Fucking Afros off these Mother Fucking Samurai!!

So I'm finally updating again!! I think I'm going to start updating once or twice a month. So I'm getting pretty busy and it will only get worse because things are coming to a close in this pretty busy semester. So first off I'll start with school stuff! I'm getting close to finishing my college research paper. It's about the otaku culture and the positives affects it has on the Japanese culture as a whole. It's really interesting and I'm enjoying researching this because I love Japan!! Also, if you couldn't tell, I like the otaku culture and would be known to be a part of the "American" otaku culture. But anyway, my conference went really well with my professor and so I'm pretty confident in passing the class with an A- possibly an A. Yeah it's lame that she uses the plus minus system. My microeconomic class is going to kill me. We have a test coming up this Monday which we just found out and our Libbys are due next Wednesday. And as per usual, I was procrastinating and totally have only like a third of my libby done. So that'll be a lot of fun catching up on that. As for my other classes, Accounting is going really well. Of course, that is my major! On the most recent quiz I got 100% so that was really exciting. In Japanese, I got 100% on my test again. This time I got my grade from the extra credit I did. On the previous chapter test, I got the same grade but without any extra credit. So overall I'm pretty confident in passing most of my classes with A's. I could possibly have a B in my International Business class, it just depends on how I do on my last test.

Continuing with school, I submitted my study abroad application for Japan earlier today!! I'm really excited and can't wait to find out when and what and everything I possibly can. I am sooo stoked to go to Japan for a few months and go on excursions and just chill and hang out in one of my favorite places!! Hopefully I'll find out soonish if I get to officially get to go!!

Speaking of Japan, Stasi's Anime and Manga update!! So the recent chapter in Skip Beat was pretty amazing and I'm really glad that we are getting away from the latest arc. So it's around Valentine's and Ren's Birthday. Kyoko, the loving ditz that she is forgot about Ren's Birthday. We saw Ren and he clearly is excited to see what Kyoko could possibly get him. It was a pretty good chapter. We also and how he wants Kyoko to give him chocolate on Valentine's Day. Kyoko, being as dense as usual, just retaliates against him. It made me laugh a lot. I also liked that we got to see both Kyoko's and Moko's takes on Valentine's and why they both hate it so much. So yeah, it was amazing and I love Skip Beat and can't wait for the next chapter. Anyways, on to Anime. So lately I've been getting back into Toradora! It was a really cute show I started in the fall and then it kind of got put on hold since I found a few other shows that caught my attention. Anyway I've been watching them when I eat breakfast lately and I only have one episode left. So the next update I do will have my overall thoughts on that series since I'll probably finish it this Friday!! As for other anime, I finished Soul Eater. I really need to catch up in the manga because I want to see how it's different and Dan says it's pretty much amazing. So anyway, I loved the manga. I thought it was a little corny that Maka defeated the Kishin with courage, but it makes sense. Overall I give it a 10 out of 10 and I really enjoyed it!

Speaking of Soul Eater brings me to cosplaying at NDK this September. I actually have ordered my Cooking Mama and Anemone wigs!! It's exciting and I should get them pretty soon!! I'm really excited about them and can't wait until they arrive!! Anyway, I should probably start working on patterns so that I'm not too behind after this summer. So I'm going to end up making all of my cosplays this year, which is pretty exciting. I'll also be making Jenna's Eureka cosplay since we will be going together as Eureka and Anemone (from Eureka seveN)!!

So that's all for now. If I think of anything too important soon I'll try to find the time to post it. If not, I'll just have to try to remember until I get to post again, at the least next May.

Ja Ne~