Thursday, September 8, 2011

September Love!

Hello my dear readers!! So I was going to do a quick small post today! I have a few things I would like to share as well as a an update on the new Skip Beat! chapter! Woo Hoo! So lets get started!

So first off, I want to say that yesterday was such an amazing day, until I stopped at the ATM. The night before I had deposited my return deposit from my previous apartment. I was super excited to get the $250 check, especially since Nan Desu Con (NDK) is this weekend! Well, I waited for a day to withdraw the cash (since I'm going to make NDK a strictly cash event for myself). Last night, I pull up account on the ATM only to find that the $300+ I had in my checking account had magically changed into a $4 and change balance. I completely freaked out. I then proceeded to call Wells Fargo and try to figure out what happened. To make the long story short, they filed a claim and told me it would be resolved in 10 days. I then proceeded to freak out again since that was my NDK money and it was this weekend. Thankfully though, when I checked my bank account this morning it was all there. Now I just have to call them and see if they can remove the fees that they charged me. It's not my fault your system screwed up. I'm just happy I printed out a receipt (I usually don't and will from now on). I've checked it a few times today just to make sure that it doesn't disappear again. I guess I'm kind of freaking out a bit!

Anyways, since I  already mentioned it, NDK is this weekend! Woo! I'm super excited for this year, but it's sad that the people I've gone with the past couple years aren't coming this year. Anyways, I'm looking forward to completely geeking out this weekend! Plus I'll get to buy some Japanese goodies, albeit overpriced goodies. Hopefully I'll remember to charge my camera and take it with me this year (last year I pretty much failed). This year I'm not really planning on cosplaying (due to money and time constraints). I did dig out my Rangiku (from Bleach) cosplay, so I'll bring that along and might do it on Saturday. We'll see. Anyways, if you follow me on twitter (@busy_bee44) I'll most like be updating all weekend! So, if you don't follow me and want to see my fun updates (I'll try to update more this year), then go ahead and follow me!

My self as Cooking Mama & my friend Dan as BJ from Soul Eater at NDK 2009!

Okay, now on to Skip Beat! chapter 179!! Can I just start by saying that this chapter was intense and amazing and awesome and I can't wait to read more. We pick up at the beginning of Ren (as Cain Heel as BJ) and Murasame-san's fight. It changes from the choreographed fight into something completely new, different, and real! Suddenly Ren gives this creepy smile and comes after Murasame-san. The director calls cut when Ren is holding a knife to Murasame-san's throat and Murasame-san is about to break Ren's arm. Then we get to see Murasame-san freak out in his dressing room and give us some hilarious panels. Kyoko doesn't show up until the chapter's almost over, but when we do come to her she's contemplating what she saw. She then begins to question who was fighting. She felt that it wasn't Ren's, Cain Heel's or BJ's character. Basically we're all wondering what in the world took over Ren's body! I'm sensing some amazing Ren backstory information coming up soon, and I can't wait to read it! I love Siwon, but I'm glad they filmed Extravaggent Challenge when they did. I'm not 100% sure he could pull off some of the more recent chapters. Who knows though? Siwon's acting has really grown since A Battle of Wits (Chinese movie starring Siwon and Andy Lau {I love Andy Lau ❤}). The next chapter comes out on the 20th (of September), so I'm happy we don't have to wait two months again!

Ren's creepy smile & Murasame-san & Kyoko's reaction!

Okay, so lastly is my fandom rants! There isn't too much that has happened since my last post. First, Super Junior is going to be promoting Mr. Simple again this week on some of the Music Shows! I'm excited to see them again, but at the same time it'll be sad without Heechul and Siwon (he's filming his drama Poseidon from what I've heard). They also said that this week they'll be performing Superman again or prerecording it for the Chuseok special. Anyways, it'll be exciting to see them perform it again as well. Also, they've released some photos of Heechul in his training. He still looks like our lovely Heenim, just in soldier form! They also posted that he's doing really well and took first in something. I'm glad that he doesn't seem to be having too rough of a time! As for other fangirl things, there isn't much. I kind of went crazy on Tumblr this morning (and almost every time I get on) and end up posting/re-blogging a lot of things. I just want to say sorry to all my Facebook friends and Twitter followers that don't like it. There are a lot of fangirl things I  post, but there's also a lot of really funny things. I'll post my favorite one (that's not fandom related) that makes me crack up all the time! It's a motivational poster!

This just cracks me up! XD

This week's ending gif is Siwon! On my list I realized I haven't used Siwon as a closing gif, and since I mention him specifically a couple times I'll do him this week. The most iconic of all Siwon's gifs I've come across, Shibrows (Siwon's Eyebrows)!

Ja ne~

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