Friday, August 5, 2011

A Busy Busy Bee

*Author's Note: So I wrote this Wednesday afternoon/night. Since I'm a huge procrastinator and got distracted (majorly), I'm posting this now. So, I'm lazy and don't want to go through and re-edit everything and add more updates (I'll just do another post in a couple of days). Anyways, I just wanted to let you know to read this as if I posted this on Wednesday afternoon/night not now (Friday morning)! Sorry it took so long!

Once again it has taken me forever to post again. Things have been crazy lately, both in real life and in the fandom world. As always though, I'll start with the real life things for those that don't care about my fangirl rantings!!


Well, a lot of things have happened since we last spoke, but I thought I'd just focus on the most prominent happening. Last weekend, I went to my first family reunion. Granted most of the people there were my Mom's third cousins and distant relatives to us, it was still really cool to see all these people that I was related to and had never even heard their names before. It was a BBQ at Washington Park (something like that) in Denver (or Golden or one of the nearby cities, but I consider everything Denver being from Northern Colorado). Anyways, it was awkward at first because everyone was kind of separated and just sat and hang out with the people they already knew. My older aunts knew a lot more of the people than my Mom did, so I spent a lot of time just chillin' with my sister. At one point we ended up going to the nearby playground and playing on the swings. Of course, as we were bored, I kind of started serenaded the playground. I was singing mostly Korean and Japanese songs, so a lot of little Denverites were introduced to foreign music, granted it was sung horribly and with out background music. My sister would join in on the English lines she knew, but we just kept ourselves entertained! I think at some point my Aunt came over and recorded us, I'm not sure why. It was really funny though, because my swing didn't make any noise, but my sisters sounded like a baby elephant. It was hilarious. I was laughing so hard for at least 20 minutes listening to the sounds that were coming out of the swing. I was thoroughly amused. What was funny was that it was even making the same noises for the little girls that were playing on the swings after us!

Anyways, back to the reunion. After we were done playing on the swings, we went back to where everyone was still chilling. About half the  people had left at that point, but some new people had shown up. One was my Mom's third cousin. She apparently had been born and raised in Greeley and is now living in Windsor (a city that's like 20 minutes away). She brought a lot of old photos and information about the family tree that she's researched. It was really cool, and things that I've always wanted to know. There never has really been much history available about our ancestors due to our family being secretive and not wanting to talk about the past a lot. What's even cooler is that we found out we have family buried in one of the cemeteries here in Greeley. Then when my Mom was looking up the cemetery information the other, she found more family (from a different side) and I guess one of them is my Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather. I'm super psyched, and when my Mom picks me up tonight we're going to go check it out! I still can't believe that we've had family here the entire time, but we had no idea!

As I learn more, I'll be sure to update the more exciting things. Although one thing I learned from my Mom's cousin, is that far along our line is a Scottish rebel. I guess he tried to overthrow the king way back when, but it's hard to find hard information. I guess he ended up changing his name and fleeing, so everything is a little sketchy and hard to dig up. I find that really cool and fascinating though. My Mom also found out that a few (like 5) generations ago, one of our ancestors immigrated from Russia and his wife from Germany. We also found some Cherokee Indian in the mix too. So one thing has been cemented for me, I'm a mutt. I knew before that I had mixes of different countries, but after finding all this information there's a lot more different lines of blood in me than I thought!

To continue on with family events, my Aunt and Uncle from California are flying out today! My Aunt has her high school reunion, so she's coming! I'm so excited! I haven't seen them since my high school graduation! That was four or five years ago, something like that! Anyways, we are doing dinner tomorrow night and then a brunch type thing on Saturday morning. I'm excited to see them and sad that we won't have too much time to hang out together. Anyways, I'll update again in a few days to share all the hilarity that will ensue!

Aunt Rowie & Uncle Jerry when they were on vacation in Australia!

Okay, so before I get too heavy into fangirl stuff, I first would like to do a small update about Skip Beat! The latest chapter still hasn't come out, but the Taiwanese drama has officially finished recording. They had the celebratory party like last week, so hopefully it'll start airing. They haven't released the official date it'll start airing, but hopefully they'll start releasing news!

Okay, so a small Arashi update! I promised on my last post that I would post my favorite songs of the album and the ones to check out! There hasn't been too big of news otherwise though. So as I mentioned before, my favorite solo song is Sakurai Sho-san's このままもっと (Konomama Motto). I have to say though, that my favorite song is まだ見ぬ世界へ (Mada Minu Sekai e), the one they released a music video before (I posted it a while ago). Just as a side note, I'm not going to consider the songs that were previously released as singles (like Lotus and To Be Free). So my other favorite songs are morning light, negai, always, 虹のカケラ~no rain, no rainbow~!! If you have a chance, definitely check out the album or at the very least the songs I've mentioned. Honestly though, I love all the songs! It was hard to narrow it down and not list them all!

I love they're all in sync and in time, but doing the move differently!

Okay, and onto the biggest fangirlisms in a little over a year and some very exciting news!! Super Junior's 5th album "Mr. Simple" is out! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I can't tell you how much I love this album. I looooooove all the songs so much. I can't wait to see them perform Mr. Simple (the title track) live! Also, the MV hasn't been released yet. It gets released tomorrow (or today in Korea), so there will be those fangirl rants once that comes out! SM has posted two teasers (Teaser 1 & Teaser 2). I would post them here, but I want to try to help with views, so I'd rather you go to their page! Anyways, enjoy! I've been so excited for a while. They've been releasing teaser pics for over a week and the other day the album was released on Korean digital sites. Please if your going to download, do it legally. You can buy it at itunes, but if possible please buy from one of the Korean sites so we can get Super Junior the awards they deserve!!

Leeteuk cap from the MV teasers!! XD

As for the album itself, they are coming out with 10 different types. Each album will have a front cover that is of one member with back cover having all 10 members. The album itself is really big, so I'm hoping that the photobook itself is big. Anyways, I've ordered two through SJ-World and one through AngeLeeteuk. That means I'll be getting two random members and then for sure Leeteuk! I can't wait to get them. As for the album itself, gold. I love all the songs so much. My favorites are constantly changing every time I listen to a different song, but I've finally been able to narrow it down to three. My top three favorite songs off of "Mr. Simple" are Mr. Simple, 라라라라 (Be My Girl), and My Love, My Kiss, My Heart!! There is one song composed and written by Donghae and Chance. That's really good too! I just hope there will be a repackaged version, because I remember hearing somewhere that Leeteuk composed another song. I hope that it comes out!

Anyways, I don't want to spaz too much about 5 jib right now, since I haven't even gotten my copy and there are no live performances or music videos to share. My last exciting news is that my Photobooks and other Super Junior items I ordered have been shipped! I'm so excited! I can't wait to get them! This is my first time being able to afford the fanclub goods, so I can't wait to look through both Leeteuk photobooks!! Also, I'm getting a couple posters, a couple buttons, and a Super Show bag!! I'm sure I'll be tweeting and spazzing a lot when I get that package. It should come here in a week or so, so I'm sure that will be included sometime soon in another of my blog posts!!

Okay, so I'll stop here for today!! Since I've been waking up early every morning to watch Sukira (Super Junior's Kiss the Radio) I've been kind of exhausted (stupid time difference). That will get a lot worse though, especially with this upcoming debut! Ah, the  point of this rant, is I'll leave you with a cute gif of a sleepy Leeteuk!

Ja ne~~

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