Thursday, March 31, 2011

1/4 Of The Way Through

Hello dear readers! Today is the last day of March! I can't believe March is already over!! That means that we are already 1/4 of the way through 2011!! Holy Cow does time sure fly!! Well, a lot happened this month! So, let's get to it! XD

First off, I'll start with Spring Break! I work for 2/3rds of Spring Break, but I was able to spend a few days up at my Dad's house in the end! It was relaxing and I wish I could have stayed more. I really had a blast. I helped my Dad make bullets for the new rifles he got for his birthday! I always learn so much when I go up to my Dad's house, and this time was no exception! It was a lot of fun just chatting with my Dad in his workshop while working on the bullets! Then, before my brother and I left, we got to shoot them! Truthfully, I sucked with the .22! I felt like I did pretty good with his Winchester Savage rifle. It was A LOT more powerful than the .22 and I enjoyed shooting it! Plus, I feel like I was better with it compared to the .22. I also played with Jack, did a little bit of four-wheeling, and made Brownies for my Dad's birthday. Unfortunately we had to leave the day before his Birthday, but I'm just glad I was able to make it up!! Hopefully I'll get the chance before the summer shifts start!! XD

As for other happenings in March, there's not really much else to report on. I started having my family (Mom and little Sister) watch Super Adonis Camp! It just made me miss Kangin. And since my family is new to the fandom, they don't really know Kangin (since he entered the army last June). My Mom didn't realize how good his voice was (they all sing Miracle & a couple other songs in one of the first few episodes) and I feel glad that they are starting to get to know Kangin!

Sungmin trying to keep Leeteuk away from the food in Super Adonis Camp! The best way: to pick him up & carry him out!

Well, I guess since I'm onto the whole fandom thing, I'll just combine my two usual updates!! Donghae & Siwon have started filming the Taiwanese Drama Skip Beat!!! I'm sooooo excited! Not only does the new chapter come out withing the week, but the drama is filming which means we/I won't have to wait too much longer!! The only thing I'm disappointed about though is that I heard Siwon plays Ren and Donghae will be playing Shou. I would rather it have the other way around. I don't know much about the person who is playing Kyoko, but I hope she really pulls off her character! A lot of my friends in the fandom are starting to read the manga and watch the anime now, but I feel I'll be a little bit more critical compared to them. Skip Beat! has been my favorite manga since the first few chapters were published and I am a HUGE fan of Kyoko! I really hope it turns out good! But, at least I know there will be eye candy in the series!! XD

 The main cast for the Taiwanese drama adaptation of Skip Beat!

Well, I think that's all I have to update on! I will update within a week (most likely) when the new Skip Beat! chapter comes out! As always, I bring you a customary gif!! XD

Ja ne~~

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