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Top 15 Albums of January 2014 - Part 1

Hello fellow Music Lovers! I'm finally getting started on 2014's Music! Before we get into the nitty-gritty of it, just a side note. I just noticed the last post was my 50th! And it was the top 10! If only I noticed before! Anyway, I just wanted to thank those few that have been with me pretty much from the start!

Now on to music related things. I have finally came to a decision on how to do countdowns for the smaller amounts of time. I will be doing the top 15 for every month, top 25 for every quarter (three months), top 30 for half years, and top 50 for the entire years (like previously). If you're curious, I just figure I could go through and figure out how I want to split the posts up within the rankings, and it looks like we'll go with two a month, three every three months and six months, and five to close out the year! Yeah, so now it's solidified, lets get started with January!

And as per usual, the link to the videos in playlist form on YouTube here!

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15. Kiss&Cry - Domino Game [60 Points] Released: January 24, 2014 
Domino Game is the debut song of a new four member girl group known as Kiss&Cry. Oh my goodness do these girls have some vocal power. For being a new group, most of the members have previous debuts and have done work in previous groups or as a soloist. They're concept is also more sexier for their debut, and it didn't feel as forced as others tend to be. I am so impressed by this new group and can't wait to see what else they do in the future. They are also pretty good live, so definitely watch it if you enjoy live shows! As for the song itself, it has a really fun and funky Latin vibe with trumpets galore. It's one of those songs where I just sing and dance along while folding my laundry. It's just got a fun beat! 

14. A-Prince - Yes Or No [61 Points] Released: January 15, 2014 
Mid January newer boy band A-Prince released the single Yes Or No. This is a more normal dance pop Kpop song, and my favorite of A-Prince's. I especially really like the chorus. It's so much fun to sing along too! As for the music video, they are a new band and not from one of the top production companies. It's a little disappointing, but they do upload their music videos with English subtitles which it nice to see for international fans. The music video, just seems like a B-movie. But, if anything just focus on the lyrics. The song is really solid and one of my favorites of 2014 so far! 

13. GaIn - Fxxk U [64 Points] Released: January 27, 2014 
News of GaIn's impending comeback came out in January along with a risque and sexy teaser for a pre-release single. Now, for those of you who know me personally know that I'm not very fond of cussing and very rarely do so myself. I just find it a turn off a lot of the time. However, there are times where I've seen where those types of words are needed to get across a certain message. I think that this song is one of those few cases. Going into the lyrics, Fxxk U tells the story of a couple (played by Gain and actor Joo Ji Hoon [I love him]) that in a relationship that is intense, rocky, and both physically and emotionally abusive. It has such a strong message, which is something I really respect about Gain, and Brown Eyed Girls in general. When songs like this come out, I really am grateful to those artists (no matter where they are) for trying to bring to light issues that plague humanity. Yeah, so going back to something a little more light hearted, Bumkey features in this song (he has a really good R&B voice). I will post the music video below, but just be warned that it could be a little graphic at times. 

12. Ailee - Singing Got Better [68 Points] Released: January 6, 2014 
Ailee cameback in early January with her third digital single, Singing Got Better. Singing Got Better is more of a Rock Ballad that really shows off Ailee's power voice once again. Everything I hear from her just has such power to her vocals. And live, she's incredible. I would love to see Ailee in concert one day. As for the music video, it's in a flashback format. We have Ailee famous and reflecting on a previous relationship that ended badly when she was still training. Lee Joon from MBLAQ plays her opposite. Yes, the song is a little slower, but it just has so much power. If you've enjoyed previous works of Ailee I've posted, definitely check this out as well if you haven't! 

11. Got7 - Got It? [78 Points] Released: January 20, 2014
January brought JYP Entertainment's new boy band's debut, GOT7. The promotional song for their debut album is Girls Girls Girls. It's a hip hop style song produced by JYP (because that's a surprise XP) and is said to have JYP's style of Swag. I enjoyed the song, although the lyrics are pretty cocky. But hey, it fits the concept they were going for. The dancing is pretty awesome and fun. Here's a practice video to show more of the dance that also has large name tags! I also really like the editing with the different split screens. I really like what JYP Entertainment does with their music videos, and this one is another on that very long list. For my readers out their more into hip hop, definitely check out Girls Girls Girls (and let me know what you think). Plus we also get Sohee (from Wonder Girls) famous "Omana" featured throughout the song. Back to the album, I also really liked Like Oh

10. Royal Pirates - Drawing the Line [81 Points] Released: January 15, 2014 
Finally mid-January we got the first extended play (EP) from Royal Pirates, Drawing the Line! Royal Pirates is a Korean-American indie rock band that have been pretty big on YouTube for a while and I'm glad they have finally officially debuted. The title song is Drawing the Line, and the EP contained two versions, one in Korean and one in English! The official music video is in Korean (obviously), but here is a link to the English version as well! I love the fun song and music video, and really enjoy the flavor of rock music that Royal Pirates produces! I can't wait to see what they'll release next! 

09. DBSK - Tense [82 Points] Released: January 6, 2014 
Early January we saw DBSK's seventh album release Tense. This album was also in celebration of their 10th year anniversary, which occurred December 26th. The title song is Something and has a big band and swing jazz feel to it that really struck a cord with me. For those that aren't aware, if I were to pick my favorite singer of all time, my number one has been Frank Sinatra for years and I grew up with my dad singing his songs all the time. But back to DBSK, talking album wise, I just wasn't as grabbed as I was with Something. Something has the most plays, with the second most only being played three times. I feel bad, but as an entire album, it just didn't grab me at this time in life. Who knows though, maybe three years down the road it'll be exactly what I need to listen to. But back to Something, the music video was true to SM's style, but the dance was pretty nifty with all of the string work. I really liked the little shuffle step during the chorus as well. And oh my goodness! Look at all those foreigners! XD 

08. K-Much - Beyond the Ocean [86 Points] Released: January 7, 2014
January 7th saw the debut of a new five member boy band, known as K-Much internationally. Their debut album is Beyond the Ocean, with the promotion song Good to Go. Having only three songs (as well as the instrumental versions) made their first foray small, but impressive. I enjoy all three of the songs, my favorite is either Good to Go or I'm Sorry; but I also really like What Should I Do? Anyway, I'm pretty impressed with their first album and look forward to what else they'll release!

06. J-Min - Cross the Border [91 Points] Released: January 22, 2014
J-Min is a Korean singer-songwriter under SM, but she's mainly active in Japan. She covers a bunch of genres, most of them fitting into what I would call feel good pop rock. She's released a few singles and mini-albums before, but Cross the Border is her first Studio Album. It has a few of the songs she previously released, as well as two from a single that was cancelled. I love a lot of the songs, but since there's no official promotion song (that I could find), I'll be posting one of the music videos from one of her previous singles that is included on the album. It's called If You Want. She also has a video for Heart Theater. As for the rest of the album, my favorite song is Earth-aholic followed closely by Knock the Walls Down and Song On My Guitar.

06. Girl's Day - Everyday III [91 Points] Released: January 3, 2014
Early 2014 brought about Girl's Day's release of their third mini-album. The promotion song selected was Something, a slower but more sultry song. Girl's Day amped up their sex appeal as they get older and I think they did it well without seeming to off or just wrong with this dance and music video. I still prefer their more pop songs though. As for the rest of the album, I also really enjoyed their song Whistle

Alright, well there is Part 1! Stay tuned for the top 5 albums of January (hopefully will go out sometime this week)! As always, stay jamming! Once again here is the videos in a YouTube Playlist. Comments are always loved and answered!

Stasi ♫

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