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Surprise!! 2014 Comeback & Top 25 Most Played Songs in 2013!

Happy New Year!! 

So to start 2014, I wanted to try to get back into blogging again. Although with more purpose. For those that have read my blog previously, I love music. It's been a life affair and I though I would starting trying to review and put my own thoughts out there. Anyways, I've been working on some formulas and have finally came up a with a good system. I'm going to try to do a post for each month, and  possibly quarters and halfway through the year and stuff. Anyways, they'll probably be pretty video heavy or just have a lot of links, so I'll separate them out. Anyways, to give a little sneak peak while I finish preparing the rest of the posts, I'll give you the top 25 most played songs of 2013!! Stay tuned for....

My Top 50 Albums of 2013!
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Oh, and just a side note. These list will be a mixture of Kpop, Jpop/rock, American Releases, and even some random Cpop. Who knows! Maybe they'll be other speckled in! Until then....

My Top 25 Most Played Songs in 2013!

24. Dream Girl - Shinee (Misconceptions of You Chapter 1) [49 Plays]
24. I Wanna Be Like Me - Sara Bareilles (The Blessed Unrest) [49 Plays] 
23. Rat a Tat ft. Courtney Love - Fall Out Boy (Save Rock & Roll) [50 Plays]
21. Boogie Man - Hong Jin Young (Boogie Man) [51 Plays]
21. Alone - U-Kiss (Alone Single) [51 Plays]
19. It's You - Super Junior M (Breakdown) [52 Plays]
19. Breakdown - Super Junior M (Breakdown) [52 Plays]
18. I Can't Live Without You ft. Verbal Jint - Seo In Guk (Y.BIRD from Jellyfish Island) [53 Plays]
17. I Love You - Akdong Musician (All About My Romance OST) [54 Plays]
16. Ghost - Gackt (Best of the Best Vol. 1 Mild) [55 Plays]
14. One Kiss - Kim Jae Joong (I) [56 Plays]
14. Standing Still - U-Kiss (Collage) [56 Plays]
13. Kill Bill - Brown Eyed Girls (Black Box) [57 Plays]
12. Where Did The Party Go - Fall Out Boy (Save Rock & Roll) [58 Plays]
11. Paradise - Kim Jae Joong (WWW) [60 Plays]
10. G.R.8.U. - Vixx (Jekyll) [61 Plays]
8. This Love - Shinhwa (The Classic) [67 Plays]
8. You Fill Me Up - Kim Jae Joong (I) [67 Plays]
7. All Alone - Kim Jae Joong (I) [68 Plays]
6. Healing For Myself - Kim Jae Joong (I) [79 Plays]
5. Incredible ft. Quincy - Xia (Incredible) [81 Plays]
4. What's Happening? - B1A4 (What's Happening?) [90 Plays]
3. On & On - Vixx (On & On) [95 Plays]
2. Hyde - Vixx (Hyde) [117 Plays]

And last but not least, my most listened to song in 2013 is:

Mine - Kim Jae Joong (I) with 119 Plays!

So that was a little snippet. I'm still listening to Hyde. Outside of plays, my favorite song from 2013 hands down is Vixx's Hyde. I love that song and it's still on my playlist. Also to put it into perspective a little more, Jae Joong's I was released in January and Hyde was released in May. Just sharing. Anyways, I haven't synced my iPod for a couple weeks, so there might be a few more plays on some of these, but I didn't want to risk adding 2014 plays onto.

I'll stop here. Definitely stayed tuned if you're interested and keep you eyes open for more posts!

Stasi XD

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