Friday, January 8, 2010

Press the Reset, Press Press the Reset

Happy New Year Minna! My first post of 2010!! How exciting. I spent the last night of 2009 dancing at the NDK New Year's Eve Ball! I went with my friends Derek, Erin and Eli and had a blast! I didn't get my cosplay in time, but I had my wig! So I wore that and one of my old prom dresses! I had a lot of fun. The only problem was the next morning. Derek wasn't feeling to well and left early. (I hope you are doing okay. I haven't heard from you and don't know if you got my voicemail.) I got Starbucks for the rest of us, and something felt off. I felt like it was NDK. It was soooo weird seeing the Denver Tech Center so empty. My body was definitely feeling like I had two more days of cosplay and a convention to go to. On the other hand, my mind knew that it was just for New Year's and that it was normal for there not to be hundreds of people milling around at 8:00 in the morning. Oh well. Although, there were some young otaku hanging out where Artist's Alley usually is and it was hilarious to watch them just mill around in the emptiness. It was like they didn't know what to do with themselves without a con. I don't know. It was just really funny!

Anyways, I finally got my My Drama List website up and running. I haven't updated the lists in a while, but I should get a chance to do that here within the next couple of days. It has all the tables on seperate pages, kind of like the spreadsheet I have. The home page has banners to some of my favorite shows and movies, and links to them as well. Yeah, so now that I'm done designing my site, now I just have to update. That means that I have a lot more time at work. I'll find something to do, if at the very least I just end up watching Asian dramas and movies! XD As for other drama-ish news, I have the new blog for my reviews set up. Here is the link:  I haven't posted anything yet, but I will very soon so keep your eyes open!!

Speaking of creating a new blog, I will get started on creating my blog for when I go to Japan very soon. I'll also set up and special folder in my YouTube specifically for my Japan videos! I'm getting really exctied to go. I have a counter on My Drama List and I have 75 days. I still can't believe I'm actually going. It probably won't feel real until I'm there, or at least sitting at the airport waiting for my flight!

In other news, the new Skip Beat! chapter came out! They are back to the Love Me Department! It was exciting to see the President again because he makes me laugh everytime. It's also nice to have Moko and Kyoko back together again. Oh, and they have a new Love Me member: Amamiya. They were asked about Valentine's Day, and as per the usual Moko and Kyoko, they said something along the lines of "It ruins society." So President has new jobs for them. Kyoko's said dangerous, Moko's said muddy, and Amamiya's said happy. When Amamiya grabbed her's she tried to give it back. I can't wait for Febuary 5th and the new chapter! I want to find out really bad what their new jobs are. Oh, and just a side note, Amamiya fits in really well with Kyoko and Moko, which is a very good thing.

Another fun update, I recently became addicted to Super Junior's Sorry, Sorry...again. It's no wonder it's one the most popular songs right now. I ended up listening to it over and over yesterday at work. Well there are two reasons for that. 1. It's an aboslutely AMAZING song, and 2. I forgot my Ipod at home. I hooked it up to Kuro (my desktop) to sync and woke up late and...well, it was a whole hullabaloo, but the gist is I forgot it and had to listen to SOMETHING yesterday. It's becoming really bad. I can't stand not having music, especially when it's quiet. My radio in my car wouldn't come on yesterday because of the cold so I had my phone out and I was listening to the 5 songs I have on there over and over. I just can't stand it. Before I remembered I had music on my phone, I was singing along with nothing. I guess the gist of this rant, is that music is in my blood. I need to listen to certain songs when I'm in a certain mood. Lately, I've been listening to Super Junior, as always Arashi, and Alana Davis's CD 32 Flavors. It's a really good CD. I'll post a video for 32 flavors . It's such a good song. Oh, I'll also post Sorry, Sorry. I made my Mom listen to it yesterday and she started dancing in my room and agreed that it was a good song. I was a little surprised, but then again it is an AMAZING song! As for the rest of the Super Junior CD Sorry, Sorry. It's really good. My second favorite song off it is Reset. The title of this post is from the chorus of the song. I thought it worked good for both my obsession and for the New Year! (I'll post a video for that song too!) XD

Super Junior - Sorry, Sorry

Alana Davis - 32 Flavors

Super Junior - Reset

Well, I should probably get started working on some paperwork and school classes plans and stuff like that! I just want to say that I wish you all a Happy New Year! Oh, and it's Sakurai Sho month! He turns 29 on January 25th, so at least expect another blog around then, although it'll probably be pretty short!! XD

Mata ne~

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