Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Country Hotties and Random Ramblings

So Spring Break is over. :( I had a lot of fun visiting my Grandfather and Nakama Devon in Boulder for the first part of the week. Then I went up to my dad's house and it was really relaxing. Hot tubbing in the mountains at night is soooooo wonderful!! It was a little sad though because the was some cloud cover so we couldn't see many stars, but luckily it cleared up after a little bit. I really can't wait to go up there again and see my Dad and just revel in the peacefulness that comes with the area!!

So anime update! I finished Witch Hunter Robin!! It was pretty much amazing and I wish there was more but oh well. Tower of Druaga ~The Sword of Uruk~ has 1 episode left and it's certainly set up to have a third season. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. I just don't like that I come to like Neeba and then he does something that makes me hate him. Next thing I knew it's for a reason that makes me like him that much more and then...BAM! he's a jerk and I hate him again. There is also one more episode left on Skip Beat! I love this show and Kyoko and am totally addicted to it. It's probably my number one show and manga and this point but it makes me laugh and feel good!! I just love everything about it. I'm a little skeptical on the recent arc in the manga and the cliffhanger that they just left everyone at. How I hate that character and now it looks like she's sticking around. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait a see what happens next. Oh and while I was looking up the manga online I came to a startling realization. With the current exchange rate, manga in Japan...well at least Skip Beat in less than five dollars American!! HOLY FREAKING COW!! I need to really learn Japanese as fast as possible and then I can buy them in Japanese. Wait...although since I already have read it...maybe it'll help me learn Japanese.

Kyoko talking to a few of her inner demons!!

This is Kyoko with a stolen bike! I love it when the characters are drawn with cute faces like Ren's in this snapshot!! XD

The guy Kyoko got the bike from being attacked by her little inner demons!!

GAH! Now I'm all confused and the little people in brain are running in circles trying to figure out what the hell just happened. Wait...what is that from? There was a movie or TV show that I've seen...oh Spongebob!! That's it!! OH I'm starting to have things in my head that Spongebob has...well at least I'm imagining they are there. Anyway...on to other things besides the fact that I'm coming to the realization that there TRULY is something wrong with my head.

So I've been listening to a lot of country lately. Brad Paisley of course because he is amazing!! And then Billy Currington! I have a couple of his songs from mixes that friends have given me and liked them. I was listening to my Brad Paisley radio on Pandora and they played a Billy Currington song that I haven't heard before and I really liked it. So I decided to google him! OMFG!! That man in beautiful!! I guess deep down inside I am a country girl considering that's what my favorite genre was when I was little. Hmmmmmmm...but anyway I guess my point is that he's a good looking man, a wonderful country singer, and I tend to like guys in cowboy boots and hat!! :P

Okay...So I don't know if there is anything else for me to rant or tangent about. Well...I'm sure there is but my brain hasn't processed that yet. So as I'm sitting here listening to drunk b**ches running around the UC, I have come to the realization that I feel very numb. Not as in I can't feel my body because my shoulders are a little sore, but as in my feelings are very...non-existant at this current moment. Well anyways...I'll talk to you all later my little chick-a-dees!!! XD

Stasi <3

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